Lavender No. 6 Ring
Lavender No. 6 Ring

Lavender No. 6 Ring

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Amethyst. Mysterious, playful, feminine. 

Transcending traditional valuation, amethyst used to be a stone for holy men and kings. Until everyone realized they look so much better on women. Since amethyst formations have been found in Brazil, amethyst has become a widespread companion stone. An electric feeling…

This is a bi-color amethyst. These dreamy stones grew at a convergence boundary. Sometimes amethyst, sometimes quartz, sometimes one, then the other, or both. Maybe sometimes citrine. The earth wanted to have a place were harsh decisions weren't important. Gentle swirling fades of stone colors. 

Pieces vary due to the natural & handmade nature of each.


  • Handmade in Bozeman, MT
  • Set in Montana, Argentium Silver 
  • Natural Bi-Color Amethyst
  • every piece is unique & varies