What to know before you go hiking this Summer - Big Sky, MT

Bear Safety

Do you need bear spray? Yes. If you’re hiking on any trails outside of town, you do need to have bear spray. Bears are more active in the early morning and night so be more vigilant then. You also need to know how to use it. Our friends at Hey Bear will give you some safety tips and education. 


If you have a dog, make sure you follow the stated trail rules. I like to keep the dog on a leash for the first 3 miles and then after that, if the crowds die down, let that fur baby roam. Of course, if your dog does not do well with other dogs or horses, you need to keep it on a leash at all times. Don’t forget dog poop bags. Even if your animal poops in the tall grass, pick it up, please. 

BONUS Karma Points* 

Pick up after other dogs or any trash you see. Accidents do happen, so always assume if someone forgot to get their dog’s droppings, it was an accident. 


Expect rain in the evenings, so pack a raincoat. With the elevation, the sun can get pretty intense and that makes it very easy to get sunburned. So sunglasses, hat or full-brimmed hat, and sunscreen are musts.  Also, a sun shirt with some sort of sun rating is a must, and please keep those shoulders covered up. We’re not at the gym—there is no need for any “flex” in the mountains. 

Packed Gear

ALWAYS PACK SNACKS! Charcuterie: It’s not just for the ski season, it’s for every season. Go to the local Hungry Moose Market and Deli, where they have everything you need, from summit beers to chips, sandwiches, and desserts. Then, of course, you need parking lot snacks as you cool down, clean up, and organize the car for the next adventure.

Surprisingly, mosquito repellent. In the low elevation, creeks and streams with tree cover hold mosquitos all summer, so expect them and be prepared to deal with them. 

A good rule of thumb with hydration: Think about how much water you would typically take and DOUBLE it. Remember the elevation and how many IPAs you had the day before at Beehive Basin Brewery. Also, electrolytes are never a bad call. We have a local company called LMNT that has some good flavors. Mango Chili is my favorite.