Mezcal Perfume - Roja
Mezcal Perfume - Roja

Mezcal Perfume - Roja

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Journey into the agave fields of Mexico with Eau de Mezcal – fragrance inspired by the world’s most enrapturing spirit.

Mezcal Roja is a blend of Desert Bloom & Warm Minerals 

  • Glass bottle with silver roll-on applicator and cap.
  • Includes box. 0.5 fl oz/15ml
  • Smelling Notes: Cacao Blossom | Corn Silk | Vetiver | Ocote Wood | Oak Barrel Also available as an Eau de Parfum Spray.
  • A Montana Supply best seller

A portion of every Eau de Parfum sale goes to Programa Vaca. This Mexico-based organization is helping to rebuild in the country's earthquake-affected rural areas with sustainable architecture and natural materials, for long term, positive human impact.