Hatchets & Paddles

Gunflint Straight Paddle

Inspired by the centuries old Gunflint Trail, right here in ..

Walnut Wood Paddle Hanger

Every tool worth a grain of salt needs a place to rest in be..

North Canoe Paddle

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a six hour drive north fro..

Scout Canoe Paddle

The chief addition to our Scout line of gear is the Scout Ar..

Dalles des Mortes Paddle

“Dalles des Morts” means ‘death rapids’ in French. I..

Coddington Canoe Paddle

Coddington Lake is to thank for the Lost Forty, a 40-some ac..

Lost Forty Canoe Paddle

The Lost Forty is a 40-some acre stand of old-growth White a..

Hivernant Canoe Paddle

“Hivernant” is French for “Winterer”. Hence, once a..

Billy Magee Canoe Paddle

Billy Magee was an Ojibwe trapper and guide from the early 1..

Castle Danger Canoe Paddle

The city of Castle Danger along the shoreline of Lake Superi..

Gitchi Gummi Canoe Paddle

Gitchi Gummi, meaning “Big Water”, is what the Native Am..

Black Feather Hatchet

The "Black Feather" illustration is hand-painted & Wood-burn..

Straight Arrow Hatchet

The "Straight Arrow" illustration is hand-painted & Wood-bur..

Roses Are Red Hatchet

The "Roses are Red" illustration is hand-painted & Wood-burn..

Snake Bite Hatchet

The "Snake Bite" illustration is hand-painted & Wood-burned ..