75 ARS Jubileum Knife

The handle is made of curly birch and walnut for a nice cont..

Trofe Knife

A true Norwegian style outdoor knife, embodying 85 years of ..

Arv Knife

Handcrafted using traditional methods that have been passed ..

Gentleman's Knife Roll

This Gentlemen's knife roll provides storage for your favori..

Amber Bone Peanut Knife

Peanut knives get their name due to their small petite size,..

Amber Bone Jig Sod Buster Jr Knife

Made to look beautifully worn, this genuine bone handle’s ..

Medium Leather Knife Sheath

The genuine leather belt sheath is stamped with the Job Case..

Amber Bone Mini CopperLock Knife

Their Amber Bone color and Peach Seed jig are signatures of ..

Jet Black Sod Buster knife

The Sod Buster is a workhorse of a knife equipped with a ful..

Rio Negro Knife

Color: Natural
Size: ONE

Saigon Special Knife

Black snub blade, full-time bottle opener, and clip.


Cassius Knife

Roark men's pocket knife
Premium serrated blade with clip

Drop Point Knife Brass

Because we haven't found a reason not to always have one on ..