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Burney Hoodie - Women's

TenTree Burney Hoodie - Women's
TenTree Burney Hoodie - Women's
TenTree Burney Hoodie - Women's
TenTree Burney Hoodie - Women's
TenTree Burney Hoodie - Women's
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Constructed using warm, heavyweight, recycled plastic bottle fabric, the Burney womens hoodie has the style and function to take you from a coffee shop date to an impromptu adventure. Read more..

Model is 5'8", Wearing a size S, 32.5" Bust, 26" Waist, 36" hip
Heavyweight, Regular Fit
Marled Fleece: 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Recycled Polyester
Machine wash cold, hang dry
In an effort to create an even more environmentally progressive product, we introduced cork trims. By stripping the bark from sustainably grown cork trees, it promotes growth and increases the lifespan of the tree. Cork is used instead of leather on our patches, drawcord tabs, zipper pulls, and more!
All of our Cotton is certified Organic meaning that you can have the confidence that it was grown without the use of any harsh chemicals or pesticides. Conventional Cotton uses more insecticides than any other major crop. Research has shown that this can cause many adverse effects on the soil, water, air, and more. Our commitment to Organic Cotton has helped prevent the use of tonnes of chemicals, which helps reduce the impacts on the environment.
The use of Recycled Polyester instead of virgin polyester is dramatically better for the environment with estimates as high as 75% reduction in CO2 emissions to create than virgin polyester. Our Recycled Polyester is made using recycled bottles and/or PET manufacturing waste that is turned into useable polyester fibers. The use of recycled polyester reduces our dependence on new petroleum based products and is a major step forward in creating a globally sustainable clothing industry.