Roark Revival

Simply Obsessed Tee - Men's

A singular focus is a rare thing. Be sure to hold on should ..

Nordsman Flannel - Men's

Wool has been an inherent component to building Roark flanne..

Diablo Flannel - Men's

This DWR coated, stretch polyester flannel is the ultimate w..

Axeman Jacket - Men's

Known to provide excellent protection come winter, the uniqu..

Scotchman Jacket - Men's

Conceived in collaboration with the legendary folks at Halle..

Bauhinia Woven

Hong Kong orchid, a flower that symbolizes the country since..
$65.00 $32.50

Buckfast Knit Top - Men's

Named after Scotland’s infamous tonic wine, the Buckfast c..

Scout Sweater

He who goes first takes on risk, the rest avoid. The Scout i..

Hobo Nickel - Brown

Shop the Roark Hobo Nickel Snap Back Hat at the official Roa..

Tomac Thermal - Black

A cotton waffle thermal long sleeve well-suited for the road..

Tomac Thermal - Natural

A cotton waffle thermal long sleeve well-suited for the road..

Convoy Jacket

Inspired by the hard-working and intrepid truck drivers of S..

Great Heights

Filled with Primaloft™ Black insulation – it provides li..

Pictish Woven

Ancient “Pictish” floral body paintings we’re brought ..

Carve The Stone Woven

If there is one item that has come to glorify the Picts of S..
$65.00 $65.00

Well Worn Woven - Olive

Lightweight slub textured short sleeve travel shirt with wri..
$55.00 $55.00


The road owns us, but only between the stations. When we arr..

Well Worn S/S Knit - Navy

The Well Worn pocket crew is a premium staple in Roark Reviv..

Chiller Tang Boardshorts

The classic “chiller” body in 4-way stretch with hand po..

Tao Woven

Without Tao, we are nothing but a wayward soul floating in t..

Well Worn Woven - Off White

Roark Revival removed some formality to make this more trave..
$55.00 $55.00

Triple Lanterns Woven

I thought it was only correct to be wearing the “Triple La..
$60.00 $60.00

Well Worn Heavyweight S/S Knit - Black

Heavyweight jersey finished with our custom garment dye enha..
$55.00 $20.00

Well Worn S/S Knit - White

Midweight slub jersey finished with our custom garment dye e..